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We Have A Fully Equipped Pilates And Exercise Studio Conveniently Located In The 'Arts & Industrial Estate' Byron Bay.

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Evolve Pilates Class Schedule & Online Booking 

All Sessions Conducted By Our Expert Physiotherapists With Small Class Size To Keep You Safe.   


We have a range of classes suitable for all capabilities and specialise in the rehabilitation-based Clinical Pilates for overcoming injuries and enhancing performance.  You can participate either in a group setting or a private individual/duo session.  Individual sessions are generally recommended for newcomers to build your understanding and skill level.  If you have an injury however it is compulsory to see one of our Physiotherapist first.

Physio Rebuild Classes Are Claimable Through Your Private Health Fund Because Our Physiotherapists Are Instructing And Monitoring Your Progress.  

• Casual Class – $32 (Max 4-6 Clients/Class )
• 10 Class Pass  – $280 ($28/class)
• Weekly Pass - $42/week Unlimited Classes ($21/Class if attend 2 per week)
• Private session (1 hour) – $100
• Duet Private Session (1 hour) – $60 each
• Trio Private Session (1 hour) – $50 each

Class Descriptions
REHAB: Customised rehabilitation programs in small group setting. 
These classes are often used as a transition from Physiotherapy Treatment to Group exercises sessions. With all sessions fully supervised by our experienced Physiotherapists, individuals will be working on their own individual rehab programs using a variety of methods including Clinical Pilates*  with a max of 4 participants being supervised.

Restorative and reprogramming of functional movement patterns
All sessions fully supervised by our experienced Physiotherapists, the small group (up to 6) will be working and improving specific aspects of functional stability to rebuild better foundational movement patterns. 

Higher intensity for improving functional stability and athletic performance.
Is a fun and safe way to build superior movement control and functional stability.  Instructed by our experienced Physiotherapists, it's ideal for those aiming at performance enhancement or seeking an extra challenge after the Rebuild class stage. The classes utilise mat and equipment work including Pilates Reformers , Wunda Chairs, Freeform Board and TRX equipment.  
CARIO:  A fun and safe way to get a Pilates Style workout whilst getting the heart rate up.
Instructed by our experienced Pilates Instructor, it's ideal for those aiming to burn a few calories whilst safely challenging your functional stability. The classes utilise mat and equipment work including Pilates Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Free Form Boards and TRX equipment.
SURF: Conditioning and restorative work for Surfers
Is designed specifically to improve the movements and actions most relevant to surfing.  Instructed by our experienced Physiotherapists, its aimed at intermediate to advance level surfers seeking to improve performance with strength, power, balance and upper body endurance along with increased resilience to surf injuries. 
MAT:  Small group pilates inspired classes ideal for intermediate level.
Generally harder than equipment based exercise, the classes incorporate all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement and flexibility. The mat floor exercises may also be combined with other props such as weights, balls, therabands, rings, and Barre work. 
 SENIORS: Appropriate and safe movement and balance exercise for elderly
Is designed for Seniors looking to maintain and improve their balance, mobility and stability in a safe environment with low impact exercise under the guidance of our experienced Physiotherapists.  It is also ideal for those recovering from orthopaedic surgery or looking to minimise their risk of falls.  
BALLET: Dance conditioning and restorative work for young Ballerinas
Is for young dancers (8-16) to improve their body awareness and knowledge, fundamental movement control and resilience to injury with Ballet.   Classes instructed by our experienced Dance Physiotherapist Scott Thomson who has worked closely with Dance Medicine and Dance Conditioning for over 10 years. 

PRE-NATAL:  5 week courses for mothers to be 2nd and 3rd Trimester. 
Designed to give you more resilience and stability carrying your little one whilst pregnant and a head start with postpartum recovery.  We aim to have your body feeling more spacious and strong so you’ll finish the course uplifted and energised and ready to cope with the physical demands of early parenting!
*Rehab or Rebuild classes require a physiotherapy assessment prior to registering for your first class .  You can book online or call admin 0416749746 for more information.
*Evolve, Cardio and Surf are for experienced clients with no unscreened injuries by our Physiotherapists.
*You must be approved by our Physiotherapist to attend Ballet or Surf class with no unscreened injuries. 
* Pre-Natal Pilates Course must me paid up front $160 for 5 weeks, non refundable. 
*Clinical Pilates is a unique and individually tailored Pilates method that is suitable for clients experiencing pain or recovering from injury. It is designed to treat the cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms.  Call to talk to one of our Physiotherapist for more information.
More Classes To Be Added Soon!! 
Group Exercises Classes And Schedule

Why Evolve Pilates?

Small Class Size
Maximum 4 Clients Each Class
Rehab Specialist
Highly trained Physio's in the Clinical Pilates method to navigate you safely through recovery and beyond
Postural Alignment
Reverse bad posture, reduce the risk of back/neck pain and improve appearance
Athletic Performance
Enhancement through improved movement efficiency, co-ordination and functional stability
Balance & Body Awareness
Improve proprioception and single leg stability
Core & Pelvic Stability
The key elements to eliminate back pain and improve functional stability
Scapula / Shoulder Stability
Shoulder injury rehab and improve upper limb strength and posture
Ankle & Foot Stability
Better balance, body support and reduced the incidence of rolling your ankles

Have a question about an injury or condition?  Make an inquire to our Physiotherapist today!

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