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We are happy to announce the new EXOS Casting System is available at Evolve Physio Byron Bay!

What is EXOS casting you say?  It’s the world’s first dry heat, fully customisable, adjustable, waterproof splinting, casting and bracing system. This revolutionary technology has dramatically change the way clinical practices can now manage external musculoskeletal support and stabilisation.

Probably it’s  greatest use is that fact it can be used as an  alternative to conventional Casting for non displaced fractures. No More Stinky, Heavy, and Itchy casts,  it makes fracture rehab so much more comfortable.

You can watch the video below to get a better idea.

Features and benefits

Exos uses the exclusive BOA® reel and lace dynamic closure system, allowing:

  • Expansion to allow for initial swelling and to reduce the risk of Compartment Syndrome
  • Tension modification for custom fit despite atrophy or changes in soft tissue
  • Improved patient comfort and fit

One of the major selling points for Exos is that their products are shaped using a dry heat system. This eliminates the mess and may reduce the chance for bacterial growth and infection that can occur during traditional cast fitting. It also means that the same cast can be removed, reheated, and reshaped as necessary during the healing process. There’s no shears or cast saw needed which saves money for the user as they wont have have a removal appointment. The casts are also more translucent to x-rays so that doctors can save time by not removing them.

The user will also be pleased with the ability to wash worry-free using soap and water. A small adjustable dial on the cast or brace also allows patients to adjust the tightness of the cast giving easy access for scratching or compensation for extra space due to muscle atrophy.

Hopefully you’ll never have to use an Exos product, but if you or a family member ever needs to, you will certainly be impressed with the options it provides

Bellow is a short interview with Steve Ingel, President for the Bracing & Supports Division of DJO Global


What are the main problems with the current treatments for fractures?

Although fiberglass and plaster casts are effective and have been the standard of care for a long time, they do have some shortcomings. Casts are static devices that cannot adjust to changes in limb volume due to swelling or disuse atrophy and the difficulty they cause in maintaining hygiene is a big issue for patients.

Casts are often replaced during the course of treatment, which takes patient and clinician time and requires a cast saw for removal. While the cast saw can be unnerving for adults, it can be even more traumatic for children. Comfort, skin issues, and being unable to view the patient’s skin and injury site are also of concern.

How does the new bracing system from DJO Global overcome these problems and do you think that traditional casting could be completely replaced by your product?

Traditional casting will always have its place as more severe or displaced fractures do require a traditional cast to reduce or realign the fractured bones properly. Exos is intended to be used alongside traditional casting as either a step-down from a cast after some healing has occurred in the aforementioned type of fracture, or as a primary treatment when the injury is less severe or non-displaced.

Exos braces are removable, adjustable, re-formable and waterproof, and address many of the shortcomings of traditional casting. All Exos braces are warmed and custom formed directly on the patient for the best possible fit and comfort and many utilize the Boa® Closure System which allows them to be adjustable and removable. This adjustability and accommodation of atrophy or swelling is a big benefit as is the ability to remove the device without a cast saw. In addition, easy removal allows the clinician to view the skin and injury site and there is the potential to begin rehab or physical therapy earlier.

The waterproof aspect and ease of maintaining hygiene is probably the biggest benefit for patients. We often hear from patients who thank us for their Exos brace because they had a cast before and with Exos, they can now wash their skin and brace. It may sound trivial, but having the ability to easily maintain hygiene is a huge benefit when patients are in a device for that long.

A perfect example is a child with a stable forearm or wrist fracture. A stable fracture like this would typically be placed in a cast to protect the child from exacerbating the injury, and they’re in that cast for weeks. The Exos pediatric fracture brace has a locking ring and key for the Boa® that allows the brace to be locked in place during the day and allows the parents to remove the brace to wash the skin and brace any time. The colors and patterns available are a hit with the kids too.

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