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Empowering active responsibility of wellbeing
Taking an integrative approach to healthcare, we are committed to providing evidence-based lifestyle and Mind-Body Medicine for truly holistic health. We commit  to continually expanding our services based on 4 Essential Elements of Health for preventing illness and optimising wellbeing.  Our Wellness Centre operates out of Byron Bay Australia and we offer four online specialised Wellness Programs.
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The 4 Essential Elements of Health

Our services incorporate evidence-based lifestyle and Mind-Body Medicine for truly holistic health care.

Regular Meditation

Meditation has become increasingly recommended for a variety of reasons, from improving health and relationships, to performance enhancement in sports and business.  In our programs we teach Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM). In simple terms this means that we relax, calm our minds, focus on breathing and try to stay in the moment without worrying about the past and being anxious about the future. We also look at stress and its relationship to healing, the nature of the thinking mind, body awareness, inner stillness and the development of a regular spiritual practice.

Physical Wellbeing

We provide exercise prescription and education on its role in health and how it can be used in the prevention and management of various conditions.  Our programs are all prescribed by qualified Physiotherapist and based on scientifically proven Clinical Pilates and cutting edge Physiotherapy treatment methods that enhance neural facilitation and movement efficiency through motor control training and better activation of postural stabilisation muscles.  

Good Nutrition

We are - or at least our bodies are - what we eat.  Although healthy nutrition is obviously important, it's not always easy to know how to apply it into our life. There are many competing views on nutrition and there is probably no one right way to approach it so our programs educate on general foundation principles and naturopathic concepts intended to guide you on a balanced diet and kick start cellular healing. Other principles such as food quality, psychological factors, food choices, preparation, cooking and weight management are also explored. 

Healthy Environment

It is easy to overlook how your environment can effect  health and well-being.   It can have a direct impact from the physical elements, through to the social, emotional and intellectual environments we create around ourselves.  Our programs include education on the various ways this impacts upon health and how we can create a healthier environment physically and socially following some basic principles.