Home Exercise Series

It can be hard to remember all the exercises given by your Physiotherapist so we have created a database of home exercises that we regularly prescribe.  The exercises are listed by focus area category and then difficulty level. Additional information on recommended reps and 'Directional Bias' etc is provided but ideally you should be following your Physio's instructions and not self guiding your way through. This is of particular importance if you are recovering from an injury.
Hip Stability
This exercise series is a great stability progression for those who suffer hip/pelvic or lower spine pathology. The pelvis forms the foundation of spinal position and therefore essential to master its control. The more advanced exercises will also enhance athletic performance.
Core Stability
This exercise series is for gaining progressive core and functional stability and essential for those recovering from back injury. The more advanced exercises will also improve resilience to further damage and enhance athletic performance.
Shoulder Stability
This exercise series is for shoulder stability and to be used by all people who are recovering from a shoulder injury or are trying to improve stability for those who have been diagnosed with hyper-mobility and are at dislocation risk.
Flexability & Release
This exercise series is a range of stretches, mobility and self release techniques to be used depending on what you have been advised to perform by your treating therapist. They can improve range and reduce joint compression and pain.
Specific Rehabilitation
This series of exercises are for specific rehabilitation from certain conditions. They should only be performed if prescribed by your treating therapist.