Meet Our New Physio Leona 1

If you have attended a group exercise class with us recently on Monday or Tuesday morning you will already know how awesome our new Physio Leona Boewe is!
She already has  a ‘cult following’ here at Evolve due to her great knowledge, interesting exercises, class structure, kind nature and attention to detail.
We caught up with Leona to find out some more about her and why she is such a gun instructor!

Tell us a bit a bout your back ground where you are from and your interest in activity
I was born in Brisbane and completed high school in Germany where I lived for 7 years. My parents lived in Uki for a while before I was born, and I’ve always been drawn to the Northern Rivers. For the last few years I lived on the Coff’s Coast, and the Tweed before moving to the Byron Shire.

What are you passionate about with Physiotherapy and Movement Therapy

My interest in movement as an integral part of recovery and resilience has led me to begin a second degree in exercise science. I have always taken an approach to physiotherapy that encourages the client to understand their symptoms and actively manage them.

What are some activities you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Outside of work I have been practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which has taught me some surprisingly transferable skills to every day life. I enjoy the physicality of it, the thought and skill needed, letting go of ego and pride and just enjoying the roll [sparing session]. I also love going to weekend markets and enjoying their atmosphere.

Leona’s Classes are Mon and Tuesday 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30am 

She is aso available for private bookings
Book online or call 0416749746 

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