New Home Exercise Series! 1

The new Physiotherapy Home Exercise Series is now up online.  At this stage, we have filmed 33 home exercises that are regularly prescribed for Home Exercise.  We understand that time with the Physio is limited and there is often only 5-8mins reserved of treatment time to learn and digest an exercise your Physio prescribes.   This is why we have given you detailed access to these exercise online performed by Evolve Director Scott Thomson.
Single Leg Support Squat
Even though each individuals injury will differ, we often find common themes with regards to the rehabilitation needed.  This is why the exercises have been split into the follow categories:

Hip StabilityCore Stability, Shoulder Stability, Flexibility & Release and Specific Rehabilitation 

Ideally you should only perform the exercises that are prescribed if you are recovering from an injury but in some cases you can have a play with the progressions if you have built up to it and are pain free.
Flexability hip flexor
We will be adding many more within the next month and hope to have a complete database come Summer this year!
Just another way we want to help you to evolve to the best version of you!!

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