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We are happy to announce Remedial Massage Therapist Anni De Groot has commenced treatment sessions at Evolve.
Anni has already left a trail of happy clients and is consistently getting booked out in advance.  We have enjoyed working with such a skilled therapist and it is proving to be the perfect complementary therapy alongside our Group Exercise Classes.   Anni is also an experienced and delightful musician that you can see playing around the Northern Rivers!   We caught up with Anni for a few questions.

When did you start Remedial Massage therapy and what was your motivation to start? 

I started practicing Remedial Massage Therapy in 2012. I had been inspired by friends to start massaging several years earlier and studying Remedial Massage was a natural progression to fill out my knowledge of the body and tune my massage skills.

How would you best describe your massage sessions and your favourite techniques?

Sessions always start out gently, so that I can connect with the body and get a sense of the best way to work with it. As I start to work with deeper pressure and really get into the muscle layers, I often talk my clients through ways they can engage their breathing to maximise and maintain release. This means that massages are always deeply relaxing, even when they involve some intense sensation along the way!
My favourite work is deep structural work – releasing stuck tissues, trigger points and restricted joints.

What are your favourite things to do when you are not looking after other peoples bodies?
Playing and writing music – singing and viola. Cycling down the beach. Spending time with great humans.
Anni is currently available Weds and Fridays 1-5Pm.
Private Health Rebates Available
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