Evolve Wellness Programs

Empowering people to actively take responsibility for their wellbeing
We have design a number of specialised Wellness Programs providing a practical and active approach to wellbeing alongside fostering a collaborative partnership with our health practitioners via online training, education and consultations.  
A natural rehabilitation program for people seeking optimal outcomes from chronic pain (pain experienced for longer than 3 months), recovery of an old injury that failed to heal and/or effective relief from Fibromyalgia type symptoms.
Ideal to help facilitate good health and wellbeing for people that are experiencing high levels of stress, anguish and anxiety and for those seeking improved general wellness.
A specialised rehabilitation program for people seeking to avoid an orthopedic surgical procedure or postpone, prepare and recover from joint replacement or spinal surgery.
Suitable for anyone that is athletically active and wants to achieve better results, be more efficient with their training and avoid potential injury. It will benefit a wide range of people from the social athlete all the way through to the elite athlete.