Running Technique And Core Stability Workshop 0

Did you know over 90% of peoples running techniques can be improved to reduce injury and improve performance?
At Evolve, our agenda is simple, we are a team of experts committed to helping our clients get the best results possible.
This month we wish everyone participating in the Annual Lighthouse run good luck and swift times and would like to invite you to start your journey to even faster times next year!
Our expert Physio and former Australian Cross Country Champion Scott Thomson will be hosting a Running and Biomechanics Workshop Saturday October 27th 9:30am-11:00am. This workshop is for everyone so come learn how to run more efficiently and injury free. Even if you have stopped running due to injury for years this is an opportunity to make a start for a safe return!
The workshop will cover:
– The biomechanics of running
– Proper breathing technique
– Postural assessment and the posture of running
– The most important stability and strengthening exercises
– The most effective Trigger Point Release techniques
– Correct running technique assessment and practice
– Common Running Injuries and how to prevent them
Date:  Sat Oct 27th 2018
Time: 9:30-11:00am
Cost: $20  / Free with Private Health Fund Card Swipe
Location:  Evolve Physio  & Pilates 11 Banksia Drive Byron Bay
Places are limited so contact the staff at Evolve for more info and to reserve your spot ASAP.

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