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The Gawler Foundation is a not for profit organisation committed to an integrated approach to health, healing and wellbeing that includes body, mind and spirit.  Today the Foundation is a vibrant modern organisation dedicated to providing people with real options for improved health. They do not claim to have a guaranteed cure for cancer though they look to the latest mind-body medicine research and the feedback of thousands of people who have been through our programs to help people create their healthiest lives whatever their circumstances.

Evolve director Scott Thomson has undertaken extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation and healing based meditation at the The Gawler Foundation and holds the Foundation and it’s teachers in the highest regards.
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Scott and Paul Bedson from The Gawler Foundation


The work of The Gawler Foundation is based on Seven Essential Elements, widely recognised for their health benefits.

Gawler foundation 7 essential principles

Gawler foundation 7 essential principles

Regular Meditation
Regular meditation helps to bring the body back to its natural state of balance – the ideal condition for the body to make the most of its inherent capacity to heal itself.

Good Nutrition
An organic wholefood, plant-based diet creates a cancer-unfriendly alkaline environment in the body and supports the body’s natural healing process.

Power of the mind
A re-evaluation of core beliefs and values and the practical application of positive thinking can stimulate both the conscious and unconscious mind to assist the body’s healing process.

Emotional healing
Releasing the past and resolving negative emotions frees up emotional and physical energy to boost immunity. Step into life with an open heart to experience positive emotions which support healing.

Quest for meaning
A personal search for the meaning and purpose in life can offset the fears and worries for our own mortality and help maintain a positive state of mind.

Moderate exercise
Regular exercise can help prevent illness, improve the survival rates for people with cancer, support pain management, increase vitality and boost immunity and mental health.

Effective support
Adequate social support is essential to help people cope with the challenges and uncertainties of serious illness and work through the range of healing options and strategies.

Visit or call Call 1300 651 211 for more information on The Gawler Foundation

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