The Oov Comes To Byron Bay! 0

Earlier this year I traveled to Brisbane to participate in the Oov fundamentals course for practitioners in Brisbane.  I had come across the Oov years earlier when a young Daniel Vladeta (the inventor) brought an early prototype model to the Physio clinic I was working in Sydney.   At the time I didn’t pay it much attention (the shape alone was weird enough) and ruled it out as being another pointless tool trying to be pushed onto the market.  Years later I now know boy was I wrong!

With an increasing number of great Physios I know ranting on about how good the Oov is, I could no longer ignore its call.  I still went into the course with a healthy does of  scepticism but also an open mind to what it could offer.  I’m sure glad I did because it delivered big time and with my passion for neuro-muscular facilitation training and Ballet / Surf conditioning, it is now my favourite piece of equipment in the Evolve Clinic!  One thing I really like about it is how it can enhance and facilitate exercises on all other Pilates equipment.

The following video highlights just some of the benefits and features the Oov provides.

The Oov is a self-regulating feedback device for you to have an experience of your own body. It turns something that can be subjective, like someone telling you what’s going on in your body, to an objective experience for yourself. Something that you start to learn about your own body, you start to feel things happening in your own body rather than someone telling you what’s going on. —Daniel Vladeta

From advanced conditioning, use as an assessment tool,  stretching, core strengthening, rehabilitation and relaxation purposes, the Oov can be utilised with significant benefits for spinal health.  With the highly durable foam complementing the spine’s natural curves, when lying supine (on you back) it works by activating the user’s core stabilising muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication.

The bottom of the Oov is shaped to be an unstable surface, so while it “cradles your spine,” it also challenges your rotational stability (which is functionally important for many of our daily activities)  and allows it to be used as a balance and proprioception tool in standing.  The shape and material of the Oov is the winning combination that allows us to easily train clients out of dysfunctional, habitual movement patterns.  More importantly, clients gain new awareness of these patterns which is a challenging aspect of our treatment paradigms.  Now used by the All Blacks and the Wallabies for pre training screening and conditioning the Oov will continue to be a staple at Evolve Byron Bay Physio!!

Scott Thomon ( Evolve Director) 


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