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You have probably heard the term “Sports Massage” and think, I am not a competitive athlete, can it still benefit me? Whether your a “weekend warrior” who plays basketball once a week, or an office worker who does not participate in any physical activity, everyone will gain physiological and psychological benefits from a Sports Massage.   We like to think of everyone as an athlete, either professional or domestic.  Domestic Athletes are anyone and everyone from super Mum to your local handy man, everyone needs to use their body safely and effectively to perform and get through each day.  
A Sports Massage Therapist is well equipped with a number of manual skills to be used when the time is right. The goal of the treatment determines which techniques are used and is the major factor that differentiates sports massage from regular massage

Evolve Sports Massage Therapist Andrea Barrioneuevo

If the massage is performed before an event or activity, we use techniques such as friction, shaking and stretching. These techniques are used to “wake up” the muscles, stimulate the neurological pathways and increase blood flow. These techniques are not typically applied with oil and are not meant to be relaxing! 

If the goal of the massage is to speed up recovery post event or activity, we use techniques such as pettrisage or long broad strokes to help increase circulation and “flush” the muscles of lactic acid. We also use deeper techniques such as trigger point release (TPR). It can be very uncomfortable as we work out the “knots” however it should never be painful! TPR should always be followed by stretching to help realign the muscle fibres and restore normal resting length. 

Sports massage therapist’s can also aid in the rehabilitation of an injury. In the case of an acute injury, broad gentle strokes are used to reduce swelling in the affected joint by increasing the flow of lymphatic drainage. Other techniques used include traction and mobilizing restricted joints and “friction” over scar tissue’s to breakdown old adhesions. Myofascial release is another technique which is used to help release restricted areas in the fascia from overuse, trauma or inactivity. Fascia (a thin, elastic, connective tissue) is everywhere in the body and it acts to protect and support organs and muscle. A restriction in your fascia can reduce the strength of a muscle contracture as well as flexibility, even if you have been stretching consistently.


How often do I need a sports massage to reduce my risk of injury?

Even for a recreational athlete, regular sports massage combined with foam rolling, stretching and proper hydration will significantly reduce the risk of injury. Regular treatments will also enhance blood flow to muscle tissues thus delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to aid in recovery and reduce muscle tension. Depending on your level of activity it is recommended to receive a regular treatment every 2-3 weeks. If you surf, train or play sports more than 4 times per week or have a physically demanding job you should get a treatment every 1-2 weeks.

The bottom line is, the body needs to maintain a balance between strength and flexibility to prevent injury and a regular sports massage can help you achieve it! 

By Peter Cobb (Sports Massage Therapist @ Evolve)

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