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This Feb 24, our new Physiotherapist Jessica Maguire will be facilitating a Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop for women at our centre in Byron Bay. This will be suitable for all women but especially those whom have had or preparing to have children. It will educate on the best ways the strengthen the pelvic floor, pelvic stabilisers, hips and deep abdominals areas both pre and post-nat-tally,

pregnant Pelvic Floor


Information gained will include: 
– learn how best to strengthen the pelvic floor. This is the sling supporting your Bub throughout your pregnancy and needs special attention at this time
– learn the specific exercise guidelines for exercising throughout your pregnancy and what to avoid
– learn how to minimise pelvic floor tearing, abdominal separation and lower back and pelvic pain

– learn how to rebuild your body’s alignment for optimal health of your muscles and joints post birth
– learn how to rebuild your body from the inside out, specifically the pelvis floor, pelvic stabilisers, hips and deep abdominals
– learn how to assess for an abdominal separation (diastasis) and why it can be hard to tone the lower abdominals
– learn how to safely transition back into higher intensity exercise without putting yourself at risk of incontinence, injury or lower back pain


Womans Core Workshop












Date: Sat Feb 24th
Time: 9-10:30am @ The Evolve Wellness Centre.
Cost: Free but Booking essential
Contact: admin@evolvebyronbay.com.au

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